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Drag Racing

I am definitely not smart. I couldn't figure out how to work the charts. Anyway, I perused a whole lot of different forums about the wisest rear gears and there are bunches of answers.
I found one with a guy who has a 64 Falcon with stroked 302 T5 tranny and 4:11 gears. He turns 2300 RPM at 70 which is fine with me. He had 15 inch tires, 28" tall so my 14's would turn a little higher than that. I am pretty much settled on 4:11 by now.
I was looking at a mustang forum and just about puked. Guy wants different gears but was worried that the extra RPM's might make it hard to hear on his cell phone?????? What the heck???? Probably wouldn't want low gears and spill his coffee???
Times have definitely changed, and what the heck, I am 68 years old and still want to get the front wheels off the road.
Maybe buy a , oh well, never mind. I am getting politically incorrect again. Larry
Larry Smith
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