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Pinetop Arizona Ride to the Pines

Well, Carol and I got back home to Washington Monday evening. Only spent 4 hours in the worlds largest parking lot on I-5. Took longer to go from south 188th to our house in Mill Creek than it did from Portland to 188th. Did not get above 30 miles an hour in that distance.
Still had shorts on until yesterday, when I gave up and switched to jeans. Only wore jeans one day in Arizona and that was to drag race where they required long pants.
Hard to leave the sun, but nice to be back home.
While there, I had an extra rear trim piece that I was going to have Royal Plating chrome for me. They recommended polishing it instead so it wouldn't look too weird next to the tail light housings. They did a beautiful job and now I need to either paint the black areas or use tape. Then they recommended clear coating the part. I will post pictures when done or installed.
What I really miss is you can go to car shows every single weekend. Usually more than one show each weekend, drag racing every weekend. Both in Tucson and Phoenix. It is definitely a car lovers location.
Hope we can get a group of us to the drag strip together this year and to more car shows and cruises. Larry
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