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Originally Posted by Luva65wagon View Post
Though I was young and less insecure in my mechanical abilities back then, I did help a high-school buddy, in 1977, shoe-horn a 351W and and FMX into a 63 hardtop. It would go sideways going from first to second gear. It had shock towers. Don't ask me how we did it - other than having used cast-iron exhaust manifolds.

I do know I did a lot of things back then I don't have a lot of recollection regarding. I lived in a fog in my late teens and early 20's.
I remember helping a friend install a 351C in an early Mustang when in high school. It was a very tight fit. I recall that a sledge hammer was involved.

I also remember that same mustang driving full throttle through a Taco Bell drive through sign and ending up straddling the hood of a Delta 88. Those were fun times.
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