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I had partly considered building a roller motor for the Ranchero a few (long) months back after I had the pushrod/guide infringement issue and wasn't sure how it would survive after that. I found most motors already pulled to be double the cost of a complete car with the same setup. So don't discount the idea of getting a complete running vehicle and stripping it of what you need.

I don't have a lot of experience with the roller version of the SBF, but I think they may all have had fuel injection. That crazy-big EFI setup. As Patrick said you can just bolt on the carb bits from a regular 302... or 351w. The latter might fit your van as easily and you can find those in a lot of pickups and vans as opposed to focusing on a car version 302/5.0. Transmission options may be similar as well.

Bottom-line... sounds like fun!
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