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Noelle -

I think we're to ascertain from the year and due to it still being a 3-speed manual, that this is a stock 170 6 cylinder motor? If so, that puts you into a little-or-none category of options. The automatic found behind a 1962 Falcon/Comet and a 170 6 cyl. was a 2-speed automatic. Though you can find them, if you look long enough, they are not all that easy to find in good shape and nobody (or few) want to touch them anymore. This will be your most simple swap though, if you can get the parts.

You can, maybe, get a new 3-speed C4 adapted to the early 6 cyl. block, but that usually requires a post-1966 200 6 cyl. engine, which has an updated transmission mounting bolt-pattern, or perhaps someone has made an adapter. I've not done that research, so if anyone out there knows of one, maybe you can chime in?

If you have a newer motor already, then finding a C4 for it will be easier, somewhat, and rear-transmission mounts are made to install those already.

I guess it comes down to knowing exactly what motor you have.
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