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Hi Noelle,
I have a three on the tree with a 144 and I live in a neighborhood with some pretty steep hills for sure.
When I first drove it in my neighborhood- before it was restored - I was sweating bullets if I had to stop on these hills- especially if someone came up behind me. (Of course the breaks might have had something to do with that too, but thatís another story!)
AFTER the engine was rebuilt, the transmission was rebuilt, and the new clutch was in (thanks to Roger and Gene).it is a completely different car. No problem on the hills. No clutch chatter- and it sort of just seems forgiving now. I think the added torque from the engine might have helped too. Practice hasnít hurt either.
So, it may not end up as bad as you think. Getting it back close to new might make a big difference.
FYI, I know a good transmission shop if you need one.
Don Bartlett
Federal Way, WA
61 Four Door Sedan
144-6, 3 on the tree

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