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Next project

I am sure most of you know I sold my Badbird 64 to a guy in Syracuse NY. He is absolutely thrilled and has already been on cruises and car shows.
Now, I was watching a car on ebay that is the epitome of what I always wanted to build. But, alas, too much money. The car and price were great, but didn't want to spend that much. SOOOOOOOOOOO I am looking for a 62-63 Falcon. Doesn't matter if it is hardtop or post. I don't care if interior is bad or non-existent. I don't care about the engine or lack thereof. I only want a decent body, doesn't have to be perfect, but too much rust would be a negative. I will replace all wheels, engine, rear end, front end, interior so those don't matter. Let me know if you see or know of a good car around for a good price. Larry
Larry Smith
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