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Originally Posted by Soft Taco 84 View Post
I still have the factory brakes on my 63 Falcon. I was considering the front disc brake conversion kit that’s for sale on I plan on this car being a weekend driver. I want to upgrade the brakes before I mess with the engine and trans. Probably just a rebuild of the inline 6. Thanks!
Hello, Richard.

Here is my alternate take on a disc brake "upgrade": Rebuild the drum brakes and leave your car in its original configuration.

After you have the engine rebuilt, drive your car for 20,000 miles and then consider if you still want to convert the brakes to a disc system. That would provide a "before and after" comparison to let you know if the disc brakes were really much of an improvement after you made the change.

Disc brakes are less susceptible to overheating and brake fade than drum brakes during high performance driving, but is that necessary for a weekend driver 170 Falcon?
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