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OK...quit razzin' me. I've got such a bad memory, I keep all this stuff in a Word doc anyway so it was just a cut/paste! You'd be surprised what they might want to know. When I took it in for an alignment they wanted to know how much I weighed. I guess they have a ballast system now so they can put weight in the driver's seat and get it more accurate...

I got the DSII from RockAuto. I went for the Autoline brand which is rebuilt in Canada. I think I went for the `81 Fairmont 200. It was $66.28 with shipping and included the cap and rotor (but no adaptor). There was a $3 core charge but Jeff's getting my old one for his upcoming build.

There are (of course) a lot of opinions on the curve characteristics on the Ford Six Forum and TFFN. Mine has always seemed to like 12 BTDC for initial timing and I figured 3,000 rpm was a good point to be all in considering I'm at 2,900 going 65 mph and 3,100 going 70. The mechanical being 24 at the crank seemed pretty middle of the road.

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