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New Project

See, I am still checking in. Interesting reading this post. Money? I couldn't use your tactic Don because I already had the 65 vette and sold that. The money I spent on my Falcon was some of the best money I ever spent. I got back all my money and had a ball.
I had the pleasure of doing things I had never done. I took a piece of junk and changed it into a best of show winner and all it took was money and a heck of a lot of work.
Dreamers in Everett saw my car and said to build that car would cost $75,000. But when you do it all yourself, the costs are for parts. Lots of parts. You can count your time as money, but I guarantee, you won't get that money back. The car was started so I could do things that I didn't know how to do and I learned a lot. Body work, welding, painting, fiberglass, color buff and sanding (yuck). Repairing everything that will and does go wrong. Electrical (double yuck). And through it all, I made some really neat friends that I will always remember. They gave time, advice and help. Friends. That may be the best thing I got out of the car. Thanks to you all and I plan on staying close to this club.
There is one thing I learned during the process. Take your time and when you want to do a certain task, wait until you have the money to do that task. I didn't have the money when kids were at home. Had to wait until I retired. Compromise is a way of saying you lose. Keep the faith Scott and best of luck with your beautiful car.
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