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Drag Racing

While Carol and I were in Tucson last week celebrating our 50th anniversary and soaking up some sun. We went to the drag races in Tucson where they had the inaugural "Hot Rod Weekend".

Hot Rod magazine has done this back east all the time, but this was the first time out west.

They raced in Tucson on Thursday, then have to drive what they race to Phoenix for the 2nd race on Friday and then drive to Fontana for the 3rd race on Saturday.

These cars are everything from and old Buick that ran 16.50 @ 85MPH to the 57 Chevy owned by Jeff Lutz (see his car on Street Outlaws) that ran the the low 5's at 237MPH.

The cars have to be street legal and they have to drive them.

My brother Jerry raced his 64 Fairlane but didn't find out about the event to be ready to travel. But, next year he and I both are going to enter this event.

That means there are some things I have to do to get ready. First and foremost, I have to get some lower gears and probably switch to a 9". Get some wheels and slicks and install my driveshaft loop.

Not a lot of other major things to do, but it was so much fun I can't wait. Larry
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