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Hey Scott. If the U-joints are even slightly bound-up you'll get vibration. Maybe even more-so than if they are a little sloppy worn-out.

The only real way to check them is to pull the drive-line out and give them a feel. The front one you just need to pivot the yoke in its two directions to see if it is smooth and not too tight or too loose. Sort of the same with the rear, except the two caps will need to be rotated individually. That said, you may not feel or notice a failure that might be evident only when the car is under load, so I would suggest having them replaced. At $15 a piece (give or take), no point guessing. Whether you do them yourself or you take the shaft somewhere to have them replaced - that's not something I know how best to suggest. You can probably see DIY videos on YouTube if you wanna give it a go.
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