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Thread: NW Classic Falcons - Status

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    NW Classic Falcons - Status

    When the last meeting announcement was emailed, it was replied to (automatically I'm sure) and since they are a nearby source for Falcon parts I thought I would pass it on. Sounds like they're still selling parts but it could be a slow process to get them.

    ************************************************** **********

    Just a note on Northwest Classic Falcons, for you.

    We have continued to sell parts since closing our storefront in Dec 2007. We let a fellow named Dan Christensen take most of the parts in our warehouse to sell at swap meets and Ebay.
    roughly $200-300,000 retail value. He had proposed we split 50/50 on what he sold of my parts. He took everything that could be carried was taken, from 4 speed trans, to buckets of nuts and bolts, rust repair fender tips, grills and any part you can think of other than large sheet metal like fenders , doors, hoods etc. He hauled for 3 solid weeks 7 days a week in Dec 2007. Through August 2008 I received a total $2000 in four $500 checks. And 90% was from parts I sold from what he had stored from email sales I kept getting. I never saw where he put parts or what was done with them and trusted him, Duh! I have photos he took as he hauled part and photos of warehouse before he hauled as well, most every shelf and rack is documented.

    I stopped sending him referrals and said you need to do the work since your getting 1/2 with no investment or buy them all from me. He never followed up until Dec 2008. He called me late after dark and said he had left 69 Cougar leather interior in my driveway (not part of the Falcon deal but he talked me out of it saying he had a sale for it) It was sitting there missing rear seat out in the rain. He also said I sold everything and a check is on the way. Would not answer any questions and hung up. I got a check the next day, that was not dated for $2569.42 which I still have not cashed as keeping for evidence. Also a hand written letter with some lies about returning money to a guy in Eugene that returned parts (63/65 convertible rear tack strips, 3 part metal units that top attaches to) he said the guy wanted to return because they were available new in a catalog for $150, I called and emailed the man and he said that was not true, Dan had sent 2 RH and center, not a R/L and center and wanted a set. So he adjusted the amount he sent for that. Ouch.

    Anyway that is the story of trusting someone at their word.

    Meanwhile we have our storage yard still full of cars and parts and have decided to pull the plug for real as I am just selling parts to pay storage and that makes NO sense.

    As we have someone interested in the space and taking over the lease we will be shutting down this spot. Will take the best parts only and store in limited 1250 sq ft warehouse near home for a while, Sell the business name, phone and web site alone when a fellow manages to get his financing and we will be retired for real.

    There are 50+ vehicles, titles had to be turned in to the state as we have been and still are licensed by state to dismantle cars and many of the cars have been there since mid 80's

    It cost about $25 a month per car per year to store them, So when folks complain about costs they have no idea about cost of doing business,

    I like to say part is free, storage is what your paying for.

    So the end is near if anyone needs parts time is short.

    I will look at offers for the whole batch if anyone wants to be in the used parts Falcon, Comet and Econoline bus.

    Be on the lookout at swap meets for a smooth talkin guy with greying styled hair and a trimmed beard perhaps, either a big class A motor home or a older pickup with a canopy.
    He likes to buy big block ford performance parts and early 64/65 Mustang, claims he had a Auto trans repair shop and was referred to us by a trans shop owner who got fooled too.
    Semi- retired and at home now
    Ron Boesl-Consultant for hire
    Please read the message below, thank you. Ron
    This is only address to use:

    Northwest Classic Falcons, Inc.
    137 NE 109th
    Portland OR 97220

    We do not accept any form of Credit Card payment now as we are semi-retired, that includes PayPal. You can send a check or Money order for payment .I can do a lay-a-way plan for holding parts for 1 to 4 months. Parts shipped when fully paid and check clears our bank, we go to bank once a week so can take 2 weeks with personal check. If your in a hurry then we may not be your source, if you want the right part from knowledged experts then we are the place to help you, until we really retire.

    Kenny Likins
    Ballard, Seattle, WA

    `62 Tudor Sedan (`69 200, C4, 8-inch 4-lug 2.79 rearend, Duraspark II, MSD, Weber 32/36 DGEV)

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    Quote Originally Posted by redfalken View Post
    Sounds like they're still selling parts but it could be a slow process to get them.
    Not if you're willing to take a drive down to Portland. I've done this twice to pick up parts from Ron. More, I think, just to meet the man than any other reason as time was not of the essence. Both Ron and his wife are super nice folks. Ron had relayed this story to me {concerning the rip off of parts} when I first met him and it really ticked me off. Some people I guess.
    I do know he sold all of his NOS stuff to a guy in, I think, N. Dakota, so that stuff is being sold on ebay {I believe}. I do know Ron still has a LOT of sheetmetal {and other stuff}. Jon
    Jonathon Hass
    Stanwood, WA.
    '68 Falcon Sports Coupe

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    Here's a link to the current situation:
    Jonathon Hass
    Stanwood, WA.
    '68 Falcon Sports Coupe

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