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Thread: Call me crazy - Ranchero's (again)

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    Beauty, one down two to go? Can't wait to see it at the next show/get together.
    I'm digging the shifter arm with the dimples on it, very cool!
    Side note please do start a new thread when you start in on Freddy, I wanted to buy that car but alas funds were just not there at this time. I'm glad he's staying in the family and I look forward to seeing his progress as well.

    63 Sedan Delivery
    5.0 HO EFI AOD 8" rear

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    The wagon will be a week at most (with the amount of time I have in a week to work on it). It's way faster to remove stuff than to put it in. Plans are to bring it back closer to full stock, within reason, and then the next owner can personalize it to their liking. And that'll also get the price down to where it will be very affordable.

    After a couple admonishments to create a new thread for Freddy, though I may maintain the name as tribute to its past, I'll start a new one when I get into it.
    Roger Moore

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    What a difference!

    I knew going to a 5-speed would make a difference, but this was over-the-top different. Still has a few kinks to work out, which I'll do eventually, but for now I'm onto the wagon as of today.

    Here it is outside Gene's place today sporting a real '63 grille instead of the '62 grille it had. I went over and helped him for a bit today on his and went for a spin.

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    Roger Moore

    63 "Flarechero"
    powered by: 347ci stroker | Tremec T5 | 8" 3:45 TracLoc rear

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    That's awesome Roger! It's nice to see it back on the road again.
    That was quite a change going from an auto to the 5 speed so I'll bet it's quite the experiance to drive it again, plus the bonus of it being a huge improvement.
    Congrats! Can't wait to see it in person.
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    5.0 HO EFI AOD 8" rear

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    Roger told me I was the first passenger with the 5-speed.
    I can verify.... it's a BIG improvement over the C-4.
    But I admit that I'm a big fan of manual trannys.

    Gene Smith
    Fredrickson, WA
    '65 Ranchero Deluxe
    302, 4-Spd
    Granada Discs

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    Just bringing this thread up to the top for the sake of Terence (who recently introduced us to his Ranchero).

    As some of you know my Ranchero has developed an engine knock that may be related to the metal pollution the engine suffered when the pushrod disaster occurred a while back. Not sure if it is related or not, but not gonna put too many miles on it until I can get to the place where I can devote time to it. I'm trying to get ready to move to my southern estate so I can sell the northern one, and that's being hampered by how long it is taking to get a big garage built in South King County. At this rate I may be moving stuff into storage and hiring an estate sale outfit just to allow the house selling part of it all. Anyway, until this mess of being spread out over 30 miles gets fixed... the Ranchero will be "resting."
    Roger Moore

    63 "Flarechero"
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    New Motor ordered! 347 stroker.

    I pulled the trigger today and ordered a new motor for my Ranchero to replace my 289. Have a 347 stroker being built.

    I've searched around for almost 3 months (seriously) and kept coming back to an eBay seller who builds nothing but SB Ford and Windsor motors. So I gave him a call yesterday and we chatted quite a while about his history, and mine, and we agreed if I didn't need it "tomorrow" he'd meet my budget, which I though might just get me a decent 302. He was very fair. I also told him I post on a lot of Facebook groups, and the club forum, about my experiences, so that too was an incentive.

    The business is Creb Engineering in Rhode Island and has been in business over 50 years. The main contact there, Jerrame, is 2nd generation in this shop (his pop is still there too, I guess) and knows his stuff. Focusing on just SBF allows him to do almost production-line work, it seems. He ships for free to businesses who can forklift it off for you.

    Thank you to Kenny Likins and Jeff Watson for providing such a place to ship it and to Gene Smith for the space to work (since my garage isn't built yet!&#128544. Expect a tech day announcement when the motor arrives for anyone in the Seattle area who wants to help or watch.

    347ci Ford Competition Small Block

    Cylinder Heads are 175cc Pro Comp Aluminum
     62cc Chamber
     2.020 In valves (severe duty)
     1.600 Ex valves (severe duty)
     7/16 rocker studs
     10 degree machine keepers
     Chrome moly retainers
     1.460 dia valve springs

    347 Ford Engine Block
     A .030 over Ford Roller Block
     Block was square decked
     Block was line honed
     Block was square bored and honed with honing plates
     Engine was trial assembled twice
     Lifter bores are honed

    Competition 347ci Ford Parts List Break Down
     Wiseco Forged .030 pistons
     .030 File-Fit Moly Rings
     A 5140 Steel 28oz 3.400 stroke
     Engine is 28oz balanced
     A Set of Scat SIR floated rods 5.400 length
     Front sump oil pan
     Canton Windage tray
     Large radius Main and rod bearings
     Seal Power cam bearings
     Brass Freeze Plugs
     Set of Trickflow Hyd. Roller Lifters
     Cam plate and bolts
     Lifter tray and hold downs
     Melling HV oil pump and drive
     Melling pickup
     New ARP head bolts
     A complete gasket set
     Oil and Filter
     Double Roller timing set
     A new TFS roller Stage 1 cam shaft .499/510 lift
     A 4 bolt Harmonic balancer
     A set of Chrome moly Push rods
     A New Aluminum Timing Cover
     1.6 Roller Rockers

    s-l1600 (1).jpg
    s-l1600 (2).jpg
    s-l1600 (3).jpg
    Roger Moore

    63 "Flarechero"
    powered by: 347ci stroker | Tremec T5 | 8" 3:45 TracLoc rear

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    Roger, your gonna need a new tach!! 5400 redline wont be accurate .).)
    Dave M
    1963 Ford Falcon Futura convertible 170ci auto.
    Arlington Wa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vikingblu View Post
    Roger, your gonna need a new tach!! 5400 redline wont be accurate .).)
    I may have to finally hook it perhaps. I really have no idea what to expect. But should be fun.
    Roger Moore

    63 "Flarechero"
    powered by: 347ci stroker | Tremec T5 | 8" 3:45 TracLoc rear

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