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Thread: 64-65 Parts Car

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    Wasn't Dearborn just bought by Eklers?? And they moved it all to Florida or something??? To far away and too long a wait for shipping.

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    I just got a shipment (headers) from them on the 3rd day after notification that an order was being filled. It wasn't an in-stock item and had to be ordered by them. But I thought 3rd day receipt was great. I've waited longer from suppliers much closer. Price was the same as I found anywhere else.

    Gene Smith
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    Gene - you are just too nice to them. But I kid you not the export brace was $125 from them and $79 from Because I had so much I needed to get, I was really picky about who charged what so I could afford this mess I'm in. Most places were a buck or two different, but I constantly closed their catalog. I can only hope that with the greater buying power of Eklers, they can make themselves more competitive.

    But that said -- oohh, ahhh. Headers....
    Roger Moore

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