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    door tag

    Hey guys
    hoping someone may be able to help
    Im located in Australia so not sure if this is a noob question
    I have a 63 futura convertible
    It was resprayed in the original color (viking blue) before I bought it
    During the rebuild the door tag was removed
    Im wondering if there is a way I can get another
    And if so how much will it cost and how long will I have to wait
    hoping someone can give me a heads up

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    I am going to order a replacement for mine. It had a run-in with the previous owners angle grinder during paint prep.

    Link below:

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    Good thing I didn't send the other other guy $85. They only want $25. We should post this link in the resources.
    Roger Moore

    63 "Flarechero"
    powered by: 347ci stroker | Tremec T5 | 8" 3:45 TracLoc rear

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    thanks Jeff
    I will follow it up

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