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    Exhaust manifold

    Hi all. Here goes with my first request for advice on this forum. The exhaust manifold on my 144 6 cylinder looks like there are some cracks. Any advice about looking for a replacement, and any particular challenges I might encounter in changing it out? Thanks for your advice.
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    Hey there! These manifolds are available in reproduction from most Falcon and Mustang resellers. I guess (IIRC) that these were kept alive in Argentina for the longest time. Whether these are Argentinian or not, I don't know. I have one that's in pretty decent shape I would think of selling, maybe. I've got headers on my 200-6 now from Clifford Industries, and I don't plan on doing away with them, so my stock manifold is just here "in case" I ever need it. But if the price of a new one is too much for you, I'd probably go 1/2 off of the cost of a new one on mine.

    FWIW, Cracks in an exhaust manifold is not a good thing. There's a bit of overlap when the piston is going from the exhaust stroke to the Intake stroke where any cool air getting sucked in through a crack near the exhaust valve will act just like air in a cutting torch. Not a good thing. So, get those exhaust leaks in the manifold fixed sooner rather than later. With no lead in the gas now, the exhaust valves are already taking a beating.
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    Thanks for the information and the offer of your manifold. I just might take you up on that offer, but I'll look around "down here" first to see what I can find. It is sure great to have forums like this so that we can share information and expertise among those who have a common interest and have already encountered the problems and issues that are prone to arise. Thanks again!
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    The other thing to look at is the junction where the manifold mates to the downpipe. The earlier ones use a flat gasket and the later use a doughnut type seal. You would most likely want the same so you don't have to modify/replace the rest of your exhaust. There may even be two sizes of doughnuts... I can't remember now.

    As Roger says, sooner is better.

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    I kept having leaks around the seal to the block and finally took the manifold to get the surface machined flat. No problems since and it was quite warped before. Something to consider.

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    Por15 makes a manifold repair kit.. just a different idea for you to check into.
    Check with a local car paint supplier.. such as Carquest if you have those in Oregon.. or look for por15 website..

    Dearborn Classics is in your area and would have a new exhaust manifold. for a cost of around $179..bonus is you could save on shipping..

    There is a benifit and a down side to using a later year manifold..
    You could search your local wreckingyards for a manifold from any 200 I-6 from a maverick or granada etc.. they are a little bigger and flow better than your original.. downside is you might have to go to a muffler shop and have them modify the collector pipe to match your new mainfold..

    just stay away from the smog stuff.. they had some funky prechamber on them..



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