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    steering box

    Hey patrick I know there was a discussion about how to get the box out and I don't remember, did it go out on the motor side of the firewall or from inside of the car? I think it's time, there is about 250,000 on mine and I will just take it to red head people, like kenny the way how is the new falcon steering box working? thanks jh

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    I was never able to get it out the the passenger compartment. I gave up and took a sawzall to it. It came out easy after that.
    Patrick Brown
    331 Stroker / T5 / 8" / Wilwood Disks / RRS R&P Steering / Megasquirt EFI

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    On a V8 car it is not fun. You "may" get lucky if you remove the exhaust on the drivers side, jack up the engine as high as it goes (may have to disconnect the passenger side exhaust too) and maybe fully remove the drivers side engine mounts.

    On the 6 car it's even a little cramped to remove.

    But you have to pull the steering wheel, remove the inspection plate at the floor, remove the steering column completely, then the 3-bolts holding the box to the frame, the pitman arm... and begin cursing.
    Roger Moore

    63 "Flarechero"
    powered by: 347ci stroker | Tremec T5 | 8" 3:45 TracLoc rear

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    The pitman arm can be a bear to remove without a puller. If you jack the car up really high can you sneak it out from below? My engine was out so it was easy breezy.

    The steering box is nice but I won't realize how nice until I get some of the steering linkage replaced. The tie rods are done and my center link has arrived. I may need to change the bushing in the idler arm. There was a lot of slop so hopefully this will tighten things up.

    My old box had a big nick in the worm gear that was getting worse. This one's nice and smoooooth!

    Kenny Likins
    Ballard, Seattle, WA

    `62 Tudor Sedan (`69 200, C4, 8-inch 4-lug 2.79 rearend, Duraspark II, MSD, Weber 32/36 DGEV)

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    I had mine done by Red Head a couple years back after being told they do special things to improve it by Jay Baker. He's used them. I see one on that red flat-bed of mine, and it steers really nice. My wagon steers like a new car after having done it. My front suspension, other than the mondo sway bar, is stock 6 cylinder stuff. So - yes, I recommend Red Head too.
    Roger Moore

    63 "Flarechero"
    powered by: 347ci stroker | Tremec T5 | 8" 3:45 TracLoc rear

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