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Thread: Correct 1963 Transmission Fluid

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    Correct 1963 Transmission Fluid

    My 1963 Ford Shop Manual states that a Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission uses "Rotunda Automatic Transmission Fluid, Ford Part No. C1AZ-19582-B (Ford Spec. M2C33-D). If not available, use transmission fluid marked Type A, Suffix A."

    Type A Suffix A ATF is available from Coastal Unilube, Inc., P.O. Box 2048, West Memphis, Arkansas 72303, as Product Part # 11501. See: "Coastal Type A Automatic Transmission Fluid is blended to provide outstanding performance and is recommended for use in all automatic transmission fluids requiring Type A fluid." A case of twelve one-quart bottles is available at Petroleum Service Company (PSC) for $24.92 + $16.53 shipping. See:

    coastal type A ATF.jpg
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    I've always used type F.
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    Type F here as well. Probably more important to replace it with the same type of Fluid that was in it, assuming it was working fine.

    Sometimes that's hard to tell if you don't know the history but I think Type F would be a safe bet. I'm pretty sure my C4 is also using Type F.

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    I just got my C-4 back from my trans buddy kelly today and he told me to get dex/merc [ dexron lll / mercon ] so thats what I got. it says for older fords on the jug...jh
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    I just filled mine with Type F - but it wasn't as readily available as it used to be. Finally found some at Walmart of all places.

    If a tranny builder says use "X" - use "X" I say. At least he'll not be able to say "I won't cover it" as long as you use what he told you to use.

    I'm gonna Google this too... curiosity.
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    It has all to do with the clutches the material they use today call for the dextron /mercon fluid. the old clutches used type F but kelly said it is ok to use the newer fluid with no harm...jh

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    Maybe Steve might want to ask his friend who built mine what he recommends... Maybe I messed up?
    Roger Moore

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    That thing's purty, John! Bet there's an extra 3 1/2 horses in that prettiness. I know I got a coupla extra when I painted my engine.

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    Type F is what he said for the C-4 as for the AOD the dextron/Mercouri III your good Roger.
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    Transmission Fluid

    I thought that it was interesting to find that Type A fluid is still available. I have personally never even seen it before, and copied the following notes on the subject:

    Wikipedia states that Type A was replaced because it contained whale oil: "In the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, ATF contained whale oil as a friction modifier. But since whale oil would break down at higher temperatures, cars produced in the 1970s and later would not be able to use whale oil because of the higher engine coolant temperatures employed to reduce emissions and save fuel. A moratorium on whale oil at that time prevented the continued production of older ATF such as the original DEXRON formulation (Type B), and the Type A which preceded it. General Motors began marketing Dexron II Type C and later Dexron II Type D to replace the fluids which were made from whale oil." See: ... sion_fluid

    If the original Type A contained whale oil, then the Type A that is sold now obviously must lack the whale oil component and therefore is not the same as what was sold 50 years ago.

    Ford-O-Matic transmissions that were made between 1951 and 1964 used Type A. Type F was not available until 1967: "Ford Type F automatic transmission fluid — an old ATF first introduced in 1967 was used in all Ford products prior to 1977, and in some until 1980. Type F transmission fluid is a high quality NON-friction modified fluid. Dexron III/Mercon includes friction modifiers in the fluid additive package."

    I did read the following: "CAUTION: Using the wrong type of fluid can affect the way the transmission shifts and feels. Using Type F fluid in an application that calls for Dexron II may make the transmission shift too harshly. Using Dexron II in a transmission that requires Type F may allow the transmission to slip under heavy load, which can accelerate clutch wear." See:

    Dexron II differed from Dexron in that it has better viscosity control and includes an oxidation inhibitor. Dexron III added more corrosion and oxidation additives.

    I topped off the Ford-O-Matic transmissions in two Falcons that I had in the 1970's and 80's with Type F. Those transmissions had not been rebuilt and I was very probably mixing the Type F with the original-fill Type A fluid, but I never had a problem. When my present Ford-O-Matic was re-built earlier this year (and 4000 miles ago), the mechanic filled it with Dexron III/Mercon and it seems to shift firmly with no noticeable slippage. I have been told that if I were to ever drain and re-fill my transmission fluid in the future, to not switch to Type A or Type F but to stay with the Dexron III because my clutch facings are now saturated with that fluid.
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