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Thread: 1964 Ranchero turn signal cam

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    1964 Ranchero turn signal cam

    I went to replace the old steering wheel with a new grant 3 spoke wood wheel. I went to put the cam on the new grant adapter and the diameter was slightly efforts resulted in me breaking the metal cam.
    I'm now convinced I have the wrong adapter #3249 but I should have figured that out before I broke the dang cam.

    So once I figure out the correct adapter number and get one here I will need to find a replacement cam.

    Hopefully there is one out there as I don't thing these are re popped. Or, it there are other options that would be great.


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    Are you talking about the metal clip with post that cancels the turn signals?

    If so, I have one in my tool box. I believe its of a 62 or something
    Nathan and Jen Cooper
    63 Sprint Hardtop "Dollora"
    63 Super deluxe squire wagon "Mayble"
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    Yep, the metal circular clip that cancels the the blinker. I broke one end off but it appears still fit on the old wheel. So I think when it get the correct adapter for the grant wheel it will work. I did find a couple on eBay and might pick on of those up just to make sure.
    I'm not sure if the 62 model is the same. Thanks for looking Nathan.


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