Hello all just a few questions about exhaust . I was given a 1969 falcon that was stored in a backyard for over ten years . My daughter looked up these rides online and asked if she could have it. To make a long story short everything on this car was broken , 200 block , head hit in front ect ext . I have gone thru and fixed about everything . I rigged up a temp exhaust but what I had in the garage was a 2 1/4 flowmaster . I cut out the old run from manifold and had a muffler guy go from 1 3/4 I think to 2 1/4 not muffler . Just to replace pipe that was rusted thu in multible places . The motor is bored over .30 but everything else is rebuilt stock . Is this oversized ? I m going to have a full exact put in but looking for some direction .

Thanks Bud