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Thread: A brighter turn indicator

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    A brighter turn indicator

    My turn signal indicator light is not very bright and I cannot see it when the sun is behind me. Couple that with my not hearing the relay because of wind and traffic noise, and with my cancel not always cancelling, I sometimes embarrass myself by driving with the turn signal on.

    The stock 1895 bulb is 2 candle power (cp), 0.27A * 14V = 3.8W, 2000 hour life

    I had earlier replaced all the instrument panel bulbs with a 50% brighter 1816 bulb with 3 candle power , 0.33A * 13V = 4.29W, 1000 hour life. Those helped some, but still did not seem especially bright.

    I just now installed a 6.4 candlepower Halogen instrument panel bulb replacement: Osram Sylvania 64111 5 Watt 12 Volt, T2.75, Ba9S Miniature Bayonet base, Clear, 240 Hrs Average Life, Halogen Light Bulbs
    See: $2.99 + $4.50 postage

    Halogen bulbs are hotter and require a ceramic base socket, but this should be OK since it is an intermittent flashing light that will not stay on for long. It is brighter but has a much shorter 240 hour life vs the 2000 hr life of the stock bulb. But 240 hrs should still be good for several years.

    I also ordered a “12V 2 Pin Motorcycle Motorbike Flasher Relay Turn Signal Indicator Beeper” off e-bay for $2.59 + $1.99 postage from Shenzhen, China = $4.58. It has a built-in beeper that will beep with the turn signal; - beep -beep -beep . I'll let you know what I think of it after I receive it and try it out:
    Motorcycle flasher with beeper.jpg

    "Universal 2 pins flasher relay, can be fitted on most cars or motorcycles."
    Flasher with beeper 4.JPG

    "Wide input range, can be used on DC 6V to DC 12V motorcycle. Standard electro-mechanical type. Inbuilt beeper. Designed for tungsten light bulb turn signal lights. Specification: Input voltage: DC 6V~DC 12V, Input current: 4A~6A, Color: Orange."

    Flasher with Beeper 3.JPG

    Flaher with beeper 2.JPG
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    Wires and bulbs

    When I drove to work this past Monday morning the new halogen turn signal bulb seemed to burn out about halfway to work. I used the right turn signal and there was no indicator light. Darn it! I figured that the halogen bulb must not have been able to deal with the on off on off. But, on the way home I saw that indicator bulb was flashing while using the left turn signal. When I got home I saw that the front right front parking light worked but not the turn signal. I figured that the bulb was bad and bought a new one from AutoZone (get into the Zone, AutoZone), ... but the turn signal light still did not work. I must have pulled the turn signal lead loose when changing the indicator bulb.

    This evening I finally got another chance to mess with it. I looked under the dash and saw a loose hanging wire with a female socket terminal and then found another loose green wire coming from the steering column that had a male terminal. Figuring that I had found the disconnect, I plugged the two together and ….. my windshield wipers came on when I turned on the right turn signal! The regular windshield wiper switch worked also. That loose female terminal is evidently where an optional windshield washer would plug into. Wow! My Falcon is still revealing secrets. I looked again and found another loose green wire with a female socket. I plugged the two green wires together and, voilą! The turn signal is working again. I can drive my car to work tomorrow morning.

    I'm a happy dancing bananna. =>

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    "The Wonder Falcon"

    '63 Futura Hardtop (260, Ford-O-Matic, bench seat)

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    Beep beep.

    I received my beeping turn signal flasher! It really is loud. It does not have an on-off on-off beep. It has an alternating high-pitch low- pitch beep that sounds like a British police car.

    The sound emits from a directional horn:


    I lowered the sound level by packing the horn with two foam ear plugs and securing them with a piece of cellophane tape.

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    "The Wonder Falcon"

    '63 Futura Hardtop (260, Ford-O-Matic, bench seat)

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