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Thread: Our Second Falcon Field Trip

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    Our Second Falcon Field Trip

    The Second Falcon Fieldtrip: I took a week off from work and drove down to Klamath Falls, where my father and I and some friends helped me work on the Falcon. It was a thrash but I got sound deadening installed, carpet pad, carpet, door panels, a weber carb and adapter installed, a ratchet shifter (column shifter linkage has caused me endless hassles) front shocks, front speakers in the door panels, And the drivers rear quarter panel replaced and shot with epoxy primer so I can continue the work up here, and a Myriad of other things. The best part was he took the seat apart, fixed the springs, tied them together and put in a few inches of foam all around, now my back aches less when driving.

    The weber adapter was a pain in the rear, I needed to shorten the manifold bolts, and had to rasp the aluminum a bit so we could turn the nuts. I still need to adjust the ratchet shifter some,but it is a huge improvement from the mess that was my column shifter linkage.

    I had the inside door handles on backwards for the first day (we were tired) but I fixed that the next morning. Hope you enjoy the pics!
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    Our Second Falcon Field Trip

    Keep it up. It will all come together. Thanks for sharing the pics, we appreciate it. Larry
    Larry Smith
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    Healthy list for a work week! Great job.

    A few of us having done a Weber swap, pics of what you did and your struggles might help others considering the same thing. I, as I'm prone to do, didn't make it easy on myself. You read that thread, but for others who may have missed it:
    Roger Moore

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