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Thread: New Project

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    Look forward to seeing a couple pics of that engine bay and motor...?
    Sounds awesome
    Don Bartlett
    Federal Way, WA
    61 Four Door Sedan
    144-6, 3 on the tree

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    It's Monday - did you get it to start!

    Did you have an install party? Take lots of pictures so we can party along?
    Roger Moore

    63 "Flarechero"
    powered by: 347ci stroker | Tremec T5 | 8" 3:45 TracLoc rear

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    It was certainly a long and cold Saturday for this guy. I had to go locate new bellhousing bolts and after multiple attempts with mounting the C4 to the block, I was finally happy with it. I couldn't turn the crank bolt so I could tighten the remaining 3 convertor bolts. We got it all sorted out and we were able to set the motor/transmission in at the same time.

    I think I might have my motor mounts backwards because the tailshaft cross member bolt is off. The bolt needs to go aft about an inch for it to drop in. I was able to lift the motor up a little and set the transmission bolt and cross member. I need to crawl back under there and verify that I have teh motor mounts correct.

    Not as much progress as I wanted but the motor is now off of the stand and in the car. Need to install the new radiator & tranny lines, figure out the one-wire alternator as I swapped from a generator (electrical is not my strong suit), run fuel lines.

    Here are few pictures of the engine bay and 347. Excuse the messy shop and I am in the processing of getting power to the shop.
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    Corbin Johnson
    Roy, WA
    64 Futura
    347, C4

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    Is there fire in the hole, yet! It's all looking good and hoping it is all coming together for you.

    Did you get the alternator thing figured out?
    Roger Moore

    63 "Flarechero"
    powered by: 347ci stroker | Tremec T5 | 8" 3:45 TracLoc rear

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    Agree. Looks amazing!
    Dave M
    1963 Ford Falcon Futura convertible 170ci auto.
    Arlington Wa

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