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Thread: Looking for a local engine builder

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    Looking for a local engine builder

    So not only am I a new Falcon owner, I'm also new to Washington. That said, I'm looking for recommendations for a local engine guy that can build a carb to pan 347 setup along with a dyno sheet/tune.

    I'd really hate to spend this kind of money based off of Google and Yelp reviews. Hoping some of you can share your experiences with local builders.

    As far as the engine goes, I'd like to get as close as possible to 400rwhp through a C4 and pump gas.
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    So I just noticed that I probably should've posted this in the Local Resources. I tried to delete the post but I am not seeing an option for that.

    My apologies.
    Corbin Johnson
    Roy, WA
    64 Futura
    347, C4

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    I've used a couple places recently, but have the most experience with Action Machine in Shoreline. Rob has been there as long as I've lived in WA (about 40 years) and has always been helpful. He also builds race motors as I ran into him up at the drags one time I went.

    Most recently I (along with Smithkid AKA Gene) built a 351 motor machined by a shop in south Everett. Name eludes me at the moment, but it's right about 212th and Hwy 99 in Everett.

    Comparing these two shops is like night and day (AM is a pristine shop and the other is... well, not) but the work I saw from both was very good.

    Hope this helps.
    Roger Moore

    63 "Flarechero"
    powered by: 347ci stroker | Tremec T5 | 8" 3:45 TracLoc rear

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    That does help. I appreciate the feedback. I've spoke to a few shops and didn't get the warm fuzzy feeling, so I moved on.
    Corbin Johnson
    Roy, WA
    64 Futura
    347, C4

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    Little update.

    I've decided to go with Randy over at Johnson's Machine & Performance. After many conversations, I get the warm fuzzy feeling. Nothing but praise in regards to online reviews. Seems to be very knowledgeable and is experienced with the 331/347. Going to swing their shop today to finalize the specs and start the build.
    Corbin Johnson
    Roy, WA
    64 Futura
    347, C4

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