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Thread: Ranchero road trip

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    Ranchero road trip

    Just got back from 16 days on the road to my 50th class reunion, which included 9 states & 4846 miles. Got to see Danny Thompson break his Dad Mickey's Bonneville record. The Ranchero ran great, with no issues at all. Here's a few highlight photos:
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    Very nice - maybe someday I'll have confidence in my car to drive that kid of distance.
    Scott Zimmerman

    '65 Falcon Futura 2 door hardtop, 289 V8

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    I recognize a lot of those pictures. I took a similar trip a couple years ago (not in a Falcon though) and was on my way to the Devil's Tower when I decided to pass a farm truck and just seconds after a Wyoming trooper passes me going the opposite direction. Hadn't even had a chance to return to hwy speed and flipped a U and gave me a ticket. It was my first in over 30 years.

    I couldn't even use the excuse that "the Devil made me do it."

    Thankfully it didn't do much, if anything, to effect my insurance rate.
    Roger Moore

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