I spoke with Roger this afternoon about some conversations a few of us have been having on the east side of the state. We're looking to start a new FCA chapter encompassing central and eastern Washington and northern Idaho.

Admittedly this is a very large geographic area which can present some challenges. As we formulate plans we will look at some "modern" ways to conduct meetings virtually vs. getting together in person every meeting. Ideally we would have 1-2 physical meetings a year.

Other ideas include, of course, spearheading a mini-regional (at some point in the future), participating as a group at other shows (for example, the all Ford show that just happened last weekend in Spokane).

For now, though, we are just trying to gauge interest of those in the defined territory to be a part of a new chapter. We have 6 interested so far and only 5 are needed to charter the new chapter.

Feel free to private message me with questions or if you are interested