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    Just returned from a cruise that stopped in Cuba. Was a pretty cool experience to see all the old cars driving around... with Hyundai motors, most likely. There are a lot of newer cars there too, most being from South Korea or Russia, but it's clear that in 1958 they stopped getting USA cars. There were a lot of Tri-5 Chevy convertibles and 56 Fairlane convertibles. Saw a lot of others mixed in too. Here's a few a I saw
    Roger Moore

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    Roger in Cuba

    Hello, Roger.

    Cool! It looks like you had great weather while you were there. I am sure that the food was delicious. I love yucca and plantains. That last photo of the old fort is really nice.

    You were mentioning old cars in general in your post. Here are a few photos of an old car I saw for sale that I had to stop and see. It is a 1960 or 1961 Galaxie four-door hardtop with an automatic transmission. I didn't lift the hood to see what engine it had. It does not have V-8 emblems on the fenders. I looked it up and the base engine for that car was a 223 inline six. The car is built low and looks futuristic and space age.

    The front looks like a Lincoln:


    The back looks like a Chevy Impala:

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    Yep Dennis, the weather was quite pleasant - hot, but not brutal. What was amazing was to realize many of the buildings pre-dated anything USA. History galore and it's too bad they got onto the wrong side of history in the '60's and we have not ever, really, forgiven that. We were headed there and have at least maintained the ability to visit; though other forward moves have been rescinded of late. Just another example of "the people" being used/abused for political reasons.

    That's a cool old Galaxie. You don't see that style ever.
    Roger Moore

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    I agree.... it's cool. The 2-door version is my all-time favorite.... along with.... and.... and....

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