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Thread: Orting Poker run

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    Orting Poker run

    I just got back from Orting and took in their annual car show...was pretty good especally for such a small town. Basically it is a Poker Run put on by the Kingsmen 500. It starts in Tacoma where you register and ends up in Orting. I was just a spectator but might try it next prize is $500. Down side is the first car leave Tacoma at 7 AM and the last about 9 AM so if you are coming from very far away it could be an early morning.

    As normal not many falcons and such. There was a decent 65 Ranchero that was for sale and a really sweet 1964 Sprint...nice orange paint. Hung around for awhile to see if the owner would show up but no luck. On a side street there was an outstanding 1956(?) black ranchero. Did not get a good close up look but from a distance the paint looked outstanding.

    The Poker Run is an annual event and looked to be a lot of cars there were about 300 so it was a nice size show. You have to be in the poker run to show a car but next year if it fits into the schedule it is a nice show just to go to and observe.


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    Very cool.
    Last weekend make that two weekends ago, I went to the Duke's and friends car show and picnic.
    They moved locations this year to Mirabu park in the valley.

    Good turn out 300 cars or so, Non judged show, no registration, just show up and have a free meal..

    Must say it was a nice event..



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