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    I am new here so parden my lack of knowledge. I have a 64 Falcon that I am completely rebuilding. I made a rotisserie and have it stripped to bare metal in prep for paint and all new parts.
    I need some help with something that I haven't seen much information on. I removed the 302 that my son and I rebuilt along with the C4. I am having a 347 built and want to install a later 5 speed transmission. Does anyone have any information on adding the clutch hardware to the dash down to the tranny?
    Do different year clutch assemblies fit my 64? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks very much

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    Hi BlackFalcon,

    Welcome to the forum. My only area of knowledge is the six-cylinder/C4 combo but hopefully someone here can chime in. As another source of good info, you should try if you haven't already. They have a specific forum for "Transmission Rebuilding and Modifications". Everyone there is really helpful too.

    Happy Holidays!

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    The entire pedal assembly gets replaced when switching from auto to manual and visa versa. The 60-63 are the same and the 64-65 is the same. Look at for info on this swap. They make a nice cable clutch kit or you can go hydraulic. They also offer the T5 with a short tail housing assembly (Chevy S10) that allows the shifter to be in close to the original location. A standard T5 tailhousing will require modification of the supporting crossmember.
    Patrick Brown
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    A little late in pipping in here, The new cables are awsome, alot better than the ones that came in the Fox body Mustangs. If it were me I would look into the slave cylinder/ throwout bearing combination. Would require more work than the cable assembly but hey to each there own.

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