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Old March 30th, 2014, 07:36 PM
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Day trip to Bradenton

I washed and waxed the Falcon this morning and then we drove to Bradenton to see the Riverwalk. See: http://www.realizebradenton.com/index.php/riverwalk

When I started to pull into a parking space my wife said "The sign says Compact Cars Only!" I had to remind her that the Falcon is a compact.
Compact cars only.jpg

The riverwalk was a lot nicer than I had thought it would be.
River Walk.jpg

They have a sculpture placed along the path called "Concentric Discs". When you stand between them and talk, the sound gets reflected back to you. It sounds like you are listening to yourself on stereo headphones.

The riverwalk includes the biggest skateboard park that I have ever seen.
Skateboard Park.jpg

After we drove back to Tampa we had dinner at a Greek restaurant. I was happy to find a parking space right in front. Look how dainty the Falcon looks compared to big rear ends of the two new Japanese cars on either side of it.

We added another 100 miles to the odometer today and the Falcon again ran flawlessly cool and smooth. I get a real kick out of the two-speed Ford-O-Matic transmission. It shifts smoothly and easily keeps up with modern traffic while taking off from a green light. It only shifts one time and yet it works so well.
Dennis Pierson
Tampa, FL
"The Wonder Falcon"

'63 Futura Hardtop (260, Ford-O-Matic, bench seat)

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