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Old January 21st, 2010, 12:43 PM
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Anyone Need an Engine?

Many of you are probably aware of the tribulations associated with the engine build I have undertaken. Those that may not, I got a I6-200 out of a '67 Mustang, that block got crunched (don't ask) just before it was about to go back together. We found another engine, but that block had to be bored out to +.060 so we wouldn't have been able to use the balanced +.040 pistons we had ready to go in. We found a THIRD engine that we were able to bore to +.040 which is the block we ended up using.
So now, my engine builder has a perfectly good +.060 block, THREE heads, one with adjustable rockers (I'm using a Classic Inlines aluminum head on mine), TWO cranks, TWO C4 transmissions, and lots of other left-over bits. These are now all his, since he paid for everything needed to get my project back to where it was at the time he dropped that first block (well, you didn't ask, but I told you anyway...). He now would like to build an engine to sell to recover what he spent getting mine finished. He can build it stock, or he can build it to order.


If anyone would like to get a really well-built 200 six and/or C4 tranny, you might want to contact CARTER BURNS at cbandml@comcast.net, or 425-244-1212.
Gary MacDonald
EX... '63 Hardtop
Scarebird front discs
200 w/ CI alum head

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