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Old 05-20-2011, 03:35 PM
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BEL-KIRK MUSTANG---- falcon mechanics


I have had my 1961 falcon for about 8 months now. I have been trying to find a mechanic who could look at it and not scratch his head or say "i had an old car kinda like this when I was younger, but I don't know what to do for it or where to even start on locating the right parts or identifying the engine for ya". The engine (not original, a straight 6 maybe from a later mustang) was rebuilt and some poor choices were made with adding a bad after market carb that was mounted on a custom mounting plate, and it has been like hitting a brick wall with everyone I have taken it to. HOWEVER, finally I ran into a guy at one of the shops I had recently taken it to looking for someone to look at it who gave me the words I had been waiting to hear, "oh, you should just take that to Bel-Kirk Mustang in bellevue, thats pretty much all they do over there is work on older fords"

Sure enough right from the get go the guys over there knew everything they needed to even over the phone to make me feel at ease and know that they could not only fix the problems, but fix them right, and in a way that would make sense for the car and engine. Initially when I called I asked the guy if he would like to work on a 1961 falcon, and he said "I wouldn't like to work on it at all" after which my usual feelings of getting no where with this task began to set in for a second before he said "I would LOVE to work on that car, a 61!"

I will be taking the car in to them on June 1, and then I'm out of town for a wedding while they work on it, but I Intend to post a full review of the service and results. I think this is actually quite a great find, as it has been REALLY hard for me to find anyone with this type of knowledge base for these cars for engine work. I know a lot of people on the forum do their own work, and I wish I could but I don't have a garage and although I grew up with my stepfather and his dad rebuilding and restoring old cars they never taught me about engines. for people in my shoes, this may prove to be a great place to help us out.

1961 FALCON 2DR 6CYL 170 -- "MILES"--
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Old 05-20-2011, 10:02 PM
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That is great. I've been there once or twice. They have a lot of Mustang parts in there showroom.

We look forward to your report. Maybe you can get it going for the show on June 5th.
Patrick Brown
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Old 06-18-2011, 08:52 PM
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Update: I dropped off my car on June 1st before leaving town for 2 weeks for an out of state wedding and family visiting. I got a few phone calls while away to advise me of when the car was being given a first look, and then as problems/solutions were found. the car i now ready as of yesterday June 17th.

I have to say that these guys are a dream come true. They know absolutely everything about the car and the engine. Nothing has been a surprise to them, and they have heard of everything I bring up to them about stuff I have read online.

My car has been modified to be a frankenstein of sorts, as it has an early model mustang straight six in it which created a problem with mounting the carb as mustang engines have the carb facing the wrong way for the linkage. Thus my carb was put on with a fabricated mounting bracket and gaskets. It was done shotty and confused everyone who ever set eyes on it. Not these guys.

They have a lot of stuff from simple radiator caps (as mine was not holding pressure and needed replacement) on hand, and know how to track down most everything else you may need. I can't say enough about how valuable it has been to find such a well of knowledge specific to these old cars as it has been hell watching every other mechanic I have taken the car to scratch their heads.

The guy who I had direct contact with and who was working on my car was named Shane and he has been awesome. They are very thorough and found a bunch of major issues like broken engine mounts, that the 4 previous mechanics I took it to didn't even see. I chanlk it up to them really knowing the specifics of these older cars and being able to easily spot things that are not stock, and that may appear out of the ordinary in any way from wear and tear, to malfunction.

All in all I would say call these guys up for questions on ANYTHING. If they can't do it there I would bet they are the best to point you in the right direction as they have had to have encountered the question or problem in the past.

I pick up the car on Tuesday, and couldn't be happier.

I even hope to officially join the chapter soon and make it to some meetings to make friends and learn what I can from who ever is willing to teach.
1961 FALCON 2DR 6CYL 170 -- "MILES"--
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