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Old November 25th, 2011, 01:03 PM
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1960 Comet - "Fonzie"

I bought this 1960 Comet 2 door sedan in spring of 2007. This car was mainly used by my daughter as a daily driver since the time she got her license in the spring of 2008. She named it Fonzie.

After I purchased it, I got the chrome Cragar wheels, installed new wheel slave cylinders, upgraded the braking system to a dual master cylinder, installed pertronix electronic ignition, and installed front three-point seat belts and rear seat lap seat belts. (The car did not ever have seat belts installed before this!) I also installed an am/fm/cd stereo into the glove box of the car. (I would be willing to negotiate a slightly lower price if the prospective buyer would like me to take the stereo out and put the original glove box back in.) I would guess that this car was originally sent from the factory without a radio installed, but then a dealer-installed AM radio was added. The dash was cut to install this radio, and a nice looking chrome faceplate trim piece covers where the dash was cut for the period-correct radio.

I put in a new black carpet kit. I also added black carpet material to the rear package tray and to the trunk. The front seat had been newly re-upholstered right before I bought the car. The rear seat still has the original upholstery and is in very good shape. This car is also still wearing it's original "Pacific Wonderland" Oregon license plates! I have the original steel wheels too, but sadly it did not come with the original wheelcovers/hubcaps.

The 144 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine was rebuilt right before I bought the car - but I did not get any receipts for the rebuild from the previous owner. In the time I have owned it, it has run excellent and trouble-free. It starts easy and has never left my daughter stranded. In the time I have owned it, I have replaced the water pump and starter. The transmission is the 2 speed automatic, and as far as I know it has never been rebuilt. It shifts great and is a very fun car to drive. There is a slight annoying drip from the transmission, and by slight I mean that I maybe add a total of a 1/2 quart of fluid in one year's time. Still, it is an annoying drip that leaves its mark on my driveway. A couple years ago, I feared there was something wrong with the trans, but the culprit ended up just being that some of the nuts that hold the torque converter to the flex plate were loose. Since torquing those back down, there has been no problems.

I would guess that this car spent most of its life garaged. It is remarkably rust free. Shortly after I got it, I took the interior out to replace the carpet and couldn't believe how perfect the floor pans looked under the old carpet. I have a 1967 Cougar that I have owned since 1982 and have had to replace sections of the floor in it due to rust, so I was really impressed with how rust free this Comet is! As you may know, old cars also are notorious for rusting out around the front and rear window lips. When my rear window broke and had to be replaced, I was able to inspect this area that is hidden by the window gasket, and was happy to find it also to be completely free of rust.

Everything on this car works great except the windshield washer squirters - and I think they just need the rubber tubing replaced. The brakes work great but are tricky to adjust because they do not have automatic adjusters. Also, when you step on the brakes there is a sound that I suspect is caused by one of the front drums being slightly out of round. I had suspected the culprit for this noise might be worn steering or suspension parts, but I've checked and had other car buddies of mine check the front suspension and steering components and everything checks out to be good. The previous owner gave me receipts from Les Schwab that shows much of the front end was rebuilt and aligned shortly before I bought the car.

This has been a great car for us, and I have sure enjoyed sharing my love for classic cars with my daughter as we've worked on this car together and attended car shows together these past years. But, it is time for it to go to someone who can continue to love it like we have. My daughter has gone off to college and I hate to see the car sit outside under a car cover all winter. The car still has its original paint and is in bad need of new paint. The body and trim are extremely straight with few exceptions. There is a small wrinkle in the driver side fender behind the front wheel, and a dent in the hood, both of which should be fairly easy to fix during the prep work for new paint.

It is fun taking it to car shows and cruise-ins because you rarely ever see these Comets with the unique "cat eye" taillights. The car always attracts attention wherever it goes!

$2500 OBO. 503-657-5530. rodteacher40@yahoo.com

More pics at:

1960 Comet
1967 Cougar XR7
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Old December 12th, 2011, 10:01 PM
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Bumpity bump
1960 Comet
1967 Cougar XR7
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Old December 12th, 2011, 10:19 PM
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Wish I had the room! Nice looking Comet and the price seems right on. I hope it finds a good home.

Kenny Likins
Ballard, Seattle, WA

`62 Tudor Sedan (`69 200, C4, 8-inch 4-lug 2.79 rearend, Duraspark II, MSD, Weber 32/36 DGEV)
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Old December 16th, 2011, 07:03 AM
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Nice, someone will love to have it, I know I would. I think if I bring another car home I may have to sleep in the shop! Price is more than fair.
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Old December 16th, 2011, 09:00 AM
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With all the cars I bring home that is why my shop is called "Doghouse Powder Coating". This is where I sleep when I am bad!!!
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