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Old July 27th, 2007, 02:06 PM
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'63 Wish list

I have a ’63 Falcon and am need of the following parts-

Radio (does anyone know how to rig a MP3 plug-in to an original system?).
Jack (just for looks as I understand that is probably how my bumpers were ‘torqued’ out of shape).
13 inch rim for a spare (with tire would be even better).
The spare tire mounting “J?” shaped threaded doohickey.
Left and right fender braces (the short piece that connects the front of the fender to the frame).
Bottom hinge of the driver's door (I really only need the bracket that sits on top and puts tension on the door).
Door sensor for interior light (with wiring if possible).

I am planning to use my original trip whenever possible, so if anyone has good rocker panels or door step plates, please let me know.

The car came with clear FOMOCO parking lenses...but everyone says the '63 should be amber.
My thought is that my car could have been an early '63 and they were just left over.
Anyway I can swap out my clear ones for amber.

I am sure there are a couple of more items, but I cannot think of them at the moment…

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Old July 27th, 2007, 10:58 PM
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My '63 convertible has amber lenses. From what I understand they only made our round body ragtops in the second half of the year. That should give you even more pride knowing they only produced them for 1/2 a model year.

My Encyclopedia of American Cars 1940-1970 states that they only made 35,794 Conv cpe (4,602 were Sprints) in 1963. With the toll that the water takes on the floors of most convertibles, I cant imagine a very large percentage of them are still on the road.
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Old July 28th, 2007, 12:29 AM
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The 63 did indeed have amber turn signals. The 62 and earlier are clear. You can get new amber lenses at www.falconparts.com.

The original radio is a mono AM tube style radio. Keep it for looks but don't extect to make much use of it. Consider a modern head unit that can be hidden away in the glove box. Another option is the Secret Audio stuff from Custon Autosound.

I have a jack for you. I think I have the J bolt and the large wing nut too. Make offer.

Consider finding a set of 14" steel wheels. They will make the car more drivable and you'll actually be able to find decent tires. That is also the smallest diameter that will fit over a front disk brake swap.

The hinge parts and door switch can be found new at www.falconparts.com. The hinge rebuild kit is fun. I did my drivers door. Once was enough. You do need to remove the door to do this BTW.
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Old July 28th, 2007, 08:37 AM
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I have a pair of "Glo-Brite" amber lenses that I bought on eBay over a year ago. I knew they weren't FOMOCO from the box...but bought them nonetheless. I would like to get an original set at some point, so I will just keep looking.

Also thank you for the tip about the hinge rebuilt kit. I will look into that as well as the 14 inch wheels. Perhaps when my tires need replacing?

I hear what you are saying about the radio. I was thinking along the same lines...put one in for looks and install something in the glove box. I'm just happy the dash has not been cut...

I have no idea about the jack and other items. If it works out for me to come by next weekend, I'll talk to you more then.
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