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Old May 27th, 2007, 12:52 PM
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14" Tires and Wheels

I have a set of tires and wheels (14" 5 Lug) that came off of my 1964 Ranchero. I sold the car so I no longer need them. Since the ranchero was my daily driver when I lived on the east side of the state I had a nice set of Cragars for the summer and this set for the winter. The front set is all but new...the tires still have the little rubber threads on them...maybe driven a couple hundred miles at most. The rear set are studs and while the rubber is still good the studs are worned down..."driven a couple of winters). I will be putting them on Craigslist down the road but thought some folks here might need them. Price.....I was thinking $75 each for the new tires and rims and $35 each for the studs and rims. I believe I paid that much alone for the tires. If the price is out of line let me know as I'm not real sure of what a fair price should be
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