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Old October 16th, 2006, 08:41 PM
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'64 comet parts

I am spending my evenings this week and weekend pulling any and all parts I need and/think I may need, or think someone else may need, off of a 1964 Merc. Comet 4 door coupe, 6 cyllinder Automatic. Car is straight and paint/chrome is good. I cannot store car at my place or I would have now. I have paid X$ to take any/all parts I want and he takes rest to wrecking yard. I can still get the car but cannot keep for very long. I have taken the front doors and are allready on my '65 futura wagon. I will take the rear doors as well but mine are not that bad(these are better tho). If you have any requests for the comet parts let me know. I plan to be done with this by Oct. 24 2006 at very latest.
Happy Hunting

p.s. If I don't get whole car I must leave componants that would allow towing.
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