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Thread: Day/Night rear view mirror?

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    Day/Night rear view mirror?

    I have the standard '65 Ranchero inside rear view mirror, and I'm wondering if there's a day/night option using the stock 3-screw mounting (not a windshield mount)? Here's what I have:
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    1965 Ranchero Deluxe
    factory 289 4 speed car

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    I know this is a day late, dollar short, but a guy at the show said he never ever got an answer to his question and I was looking for it.

    So, I don't think there is one without making something work. I looked into this once before and never found an easy solution.
    Roger Moore

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    There's one on ebay now, but the guy wants $105! I'm too cheap for that. But I'd heard good things about clip-on panoramic mirrors, so I spent $10 at O'Reilly's to find out. It's great! You can see both lanes behind you, and it reduces glare at night.
    1965 Ranchero Deluxe
    factory 289 4 speed car

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    I drove granddad's falcon about 35 miles yesterday (pics later- I even took it on I-5) and one thing I really enjoy is how well you can see out of a falcon. Nice big windows, no headrests in the way and the bench seat (if you put your arm on it) really helps do those quick looks back right for those of us without elastic teenage necks. I was like "no wonder side mirrors weren't standard- almost don't need them!
    Don Bartlett
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    Anyone know if the '65 Mustang mount uses the same screw-hole pattern? If so, this could be a good choice (chromed).
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    Gene Smith
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    '65 Ranchero Deluxe
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